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Anatomy Occultus - 9.5" x 19" (small)

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Anatomy Occultus is a study of the Tree of Life in its anthropomorphic Adam Kadmon form. 

This original piece of fine art from CHUK Art is sold exclusively through Dove & Serpent Oasis. These are high quality, limited edition print. Each one is signed and numbered by the artist.

Statement from the artist:

Anatomy Occultus - the structure of Adam Kadmon This piece represents the first stage of an ongoing personal study of the Tree of Life and its metaphoric relationship to humanity as the microcosm and the universe as the macrocosm. It represents an initial step toward fusing together a wide body of interrelated concepts in my own mind, while also functioning as a permanent record of study. 

(1) a primal nothing/being or “Absolute” (Ayin/Ein-sof) (2) initiates a contraction or self-negation (tzimtzum), which gives rise to (3) an imagined and alienated realm (ha-olamot) (4) within which a created, personal subject arises (Adam Kadmon). (5) This subject embodies the fundamental structures, ideas and values of both God and the human world (Sefirot), However, (6) these Sefirot are inherently unstable and deconstruct (shevirat ha-kelim), leading to (7) a further alienation of the primal energy from its source (kellipot, Sitra Achra) and (8) a rending apart of opposites, resulting in the intellectual, spiritual, and moral antinomies and perplexities of our world. As a result of (9) a spiritual, intellectual, and psychological process (birur), (10) the ideas and values of the world are restored in a manner that enables them to structure and contain the primal energy of the Absolute, and complete both God and the world (tikkun ha-Olam). -The Lurianic Metaphors, Creativity and the Structure of Language

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  1. Beautiful! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Apr 2015

    Gorgeous art and a great tool for contemplation on the Tree of Life and its interconnection to the body of the magician! I encourage everyone to consider supporting Dove and Serpent by purchasing it and to add this great visual tool to their magical toolkit!

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